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Honey and Dust

Hi all, One of our hives did not make it through the chaotic weather this year. We did not see any sign of disease or excessive varroa, so we’re going to chalk it down to failure to thrive. We did … Continue reading

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Our Equipment

What we’re starting out with, hive-wise: 2 Dadant hives,  8 frame medium boxes (5 boxes per hive) Plus top covers and bottom boards 1 Rossman hive, 10 frame deep and medium (2 and 2, respectively) Plus top cover and bottom … Continue reading

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Bee puns are endless

So I won’t make any (in this post). This is the first post in my beekeeping blog. I am about to embark on a beekeeping adventure, as soon as we get our first bees (May 8th, hopefully). I am doing … Continue reading

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