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Varroa control update

Powdering the bees: A bee cleaning itself from powdered sugar: Here’s a PDF of the process: Advertisements

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Little Fourth of July treat

Enjoy some of these pictures taken by Chelsie, including some of our bees, and pollinators around the National Arboretum. Please correct me if you notice any mistakes in the names.

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National Bee Laboratory open house

The National Bee Laboratory in Beltsville Maryland was having an open house today from 10-3:30. They are the USDA’s main research lab on apiology, and they are doing some really interesting stuff on pest management. The day consisted mostly of … Continue reading

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Bee Books!

Before I go crazy reporting on our bees, which are arriving this Sunday, I am posting about all the books I have read on bees and beekeeping so far. First Lessons in Beekeeping by Keith S. Delaplane This book came … Continue reading

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