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Arlington County fair, regular checkup, and brewing mead

Moving and class prevented me from updating more regularly recently, but here’s The Great Update. Arlington County Fair First off, I want to recognize the strong bond people seem to have formed in the Beekeeper’s Association of Northern Virginia ( … Continue reading

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The Great Fright

So, last week on Sunday, we checked out both of our hives, to see how our buzzy sisters are doing. We checked out the 10 frame hive, and found some beautiful brood patterns, a very busy queen and bees working … Continue reading

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National Bee Laboratory open house

The National Bee Laboratory in Beltsville Maryland was having an open house today from 10-3:30. They are the USDA’s main research lab on apiology, and they are doing some really interesting stuff on pest management. The day consisted mostly of … Continue reading

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Building beekeeping community Part 1

So, Eve from American University (check out her amazing blog Buzzing Green)  contacted me about bees through my partner Leah a couple of weeks ago, expressing interest in communicating more about bees and looking for advice and other words of … Continue reading

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