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I am an emerging beekeeper in Northern Virginia, starting to learn about helping these wonderful creatures thrive in our back yard.

Honey harvesting!

We finally got a big enough crowd in our hives to risk taking away some of their food. We harvested probably close to 15 pounds of honey. It’s very clean-tasting, with not much nuance, but it’s a great wildflower honey. … Continue reading

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God Save the Queen (and observe some Varroa mites)

Did one of our early checks, finding the queen, checking for early Varroa, etc. We found her, and we did find about 7 mites on our board. A little disturbing this early in the season. We’re thinking about what options … Continue reading

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Honey and Dust

Hi all, One of our hives did not make it through the chaotic weather this year. We did not see any sign of disease or excessive varroa, so we’re going to chalk it down to failure to thrive. We did … Continue reading

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Just like every other living creature, honey bees need access to water. They use water for evaporative cooling in the hive, for making royal jelly, and for diluting honey in the winter time so they can process it properly. Bees … Continue reading

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Thanks to Lark for looking after the ladies

She already got stung twice getting to know them.

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…And then there were Three

Friday, I was going to go over to Chelsie’s to do a regular inspection of the hive. Somewhere in the afternoon I got a text from her saying “QUEEN CELLS!!!”. What? Queen Cells? Are they preparing to swarm? Are they … Continue reading

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Eye of the Tiger

Several things happened. First of all, we ordered three nuc boxes ( for the n00bs) and put them together. No pictures, but they’re just generic 5 frame nuc boxes. I was an Idiot and put one of the side inside … Continue reading

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