Varroa control update

Powdering the bees:

A bee cleaning itself from powdered sugar:

Here’s a PDF of the process:


About vverweij12

I am an emerging beekeeper in Northern Virginia, starting to learn about helping these wonderful creatures thrive in our back yard.
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2 Responses to Varroa control update

  1. Leah says:

    Can they also eat the powdered sugar?

    • vverweij says:

      There’s no direct source for this, but browsing forums, it seems like they do, because people recommend against using some powdered sugar from the store, because it has anti-caking agents or starches in it, which is not good for their digestive tract.

      However, powdered sugar is big enough not to end up in their respiratory or circulatory system. So I think they can eat some of it, but can’t breathe it in. Does that make sense?

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