National Bee Laboratory open house

The National Bee Laboratory in Beltsville Maryland was having an open house today from 10-3:30. They are the USDA’s main research lab on apiology, and they are doing some really interesting stuff on pest management. The day consisted mostly of explaining what they do to deal with bee disease and pests, along with some basic classes on bee hive maintenance and queen rearing, which were excellent. I shot these photos with my Android, so don’t expect the quality of pictures I have been posting, but they tell the story.

All in all, I really loved checking out the place, and even though I would say they are critically underfunded, they are doing the best with the resources they do have. Without getting too political, I have to say that when the national bee research laboratory has to buy tooth picks for the extremely delicate maneuver of queen rearing over professional equipment, and their microscope setup involves cinder blocks, I do wonder about the government’s priorities.

either way, Happy Pollinator week everybody, and I hope you’re enjoying the posts!


About vverweij12

I am an emerging beekeeper in Northern Virginia, starting to learn about helping these wonderful creatures thrive in our back yard.
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