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Quick update on larvae presence

I am now 100% convinced there are larvae in both hives. We looked at the 8 frame hive today, and confirmed the presence of baby bees! Also, they were ultra mad. It took me ten minutes to be rid of … Continue reading

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More Pictures!

Great News! I did a 14-day checkup for larvae and eggs, and I am 90% sure I saw eggs and larvae in BOTH hives. Here’s the report in pictorial format: Much thanks to my mom, Irene for the pictures and … Continue reading

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Building beekeeping community Part 1

So, Eve from American University (check out her amazing blog Buzzing Green)  contacted me about bees through my partner Leah a couple of weeks ago, expressing interest in communicating more about bees and looking for advice and other words of … Continue reading

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The Sixth Day

No, not the Horrible Schwarzenegger Movie. So, today, even though the weather strongly affected my mood, and brought down a serious fog on my mood, I kept to my schedule of checking up on the bees 6 days after the … Continue reading

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Bee Orientation flight video!

Fairly sure this is part of the bee’s orientation flight (Ultra-techy paper on this Here)

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Our Bees in Action

Some high-quality Macro shots, courtesy of Chelsie. Enjoy! Click to expand to Massive Dynamic Resolution.

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Bee Installation Day!

Oh man this was the neatest thing. Click the gallery. I added comments for every picture. There may be new pictures as I get sent more from Various Parties. Tomorrow we switch out the boxes and check if everybody is … Continue reading

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